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How about a donation to the Fire Department?

Dear Editor,

In the news lately you guys have been reporting many fires, and that is what I would like to talk about, when was the last time that the Fire Department had a meaningful donation? Where are the new equipment? In the last ten years according to the news, the Police and the Belize Defense Force along with the Coast Guard have all had big donations: so far the Fire Department has had nothing much, no new fire truck, no new respiratory equipment, no new lines, or fire hoses.

The Fire Department has a long way to go, The wonderful thing in this, is that the Fire Department has been and is doing a wonderful job without the new equipment they need. Imagine the job they will do if they had what they need. We need to look into how we can get improvement in the Fire Department before something happens more than what already has, as in San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Cleghorn Street, and  Hattieville. We should look at how to improve the Fire Department. Training and education are the first improvement in the man power. Get more people to join the Fire Department.

We need to get donations like they give the BDF and Police Department.

By improving the Fire Department we gain rescuers and we need rescuers (specially trained people) that can rescue you in times of emergency; heart attack, traumatic accident, fire,traffic accident, etc. These people will need to be trained in pre-hospital emergency eare and you will need ambulance transportation. In most parts, it is called an Emergency Medical Service System. It consists of the Fire Department, Police Department, Traffic Department and other agencies, such as the electric and  water companies. With an Emergency Medical Service System, we will have a better chance of decreasing the mortality and morbidity rate of the country.

Just want to ask if you guys can help and do a spotlight on how we can help get rescuers and  improve the Fire Department. We cannot depend on the BDF; they are the security force of the country. If we use them as rescuers then there will be no one defending the borders. We need the departments to focus on their prime directive: the  BDF need to do what the BDF do; the Police need to do police work; Coast guard need to do what they do.

We need to have persons dedicated as rescuers. This can also be a way we answer the unemployment problem. It will help in the creation of jobs; ambulance technicians, more fire personnel and with the new developments we can use them.

Thank you very much,

Concerned citizen

(Photo courtesy National Fire Service via Facebook)

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