Crime — 01 October 2013 — by Albert J. Ciego

After about three weeks without a murder in the country, two foreigners were murdered in the Roaring Creek Village area and their bodies thrown into the river. They are Arly Rose Sardido, 25, a Filipino, and David Reichel, an American who was a statistical officer in the Ministry of Health.

Belmopan police’s quick investigation led them to detain one person who they believe can greatly assist them in the investigation. The man is also of the Roaring Creek area, and at the time when he was detained, he was injured. Police did not elaborate on the matter.

According to reports, Sardido and Reichel, of Belmopan, went swimming at about 10:00 Saturday morning in the Roaring Creek River area. The body of Sardido was found about 11:30 that morning, and after an intense search, Reichel was found by a Coast Guard search team on Sunday, also in the Roaring Creek River. Their deaths have been declared a double murder by police.

Police reports are that about 12:30 on Saturday, they went to an area known as “The Fall,” situated about 100 yards from a feeder road on the Another World area of Roaring Creek, Cayo District, behind the Guanacaste Park.

Upon arrival, police saw a white Toyota Tacoma pickup parked on the river bank. About 50 feet away from the pickup, they saw the lifeless body of an Asian woman. The body of the female, which was dressed in a pair of blue shorts and a pink blouse, was lying face-up on a log.

The officers noted that there was a swelling on the center of the woman’s forehead, as well as abrasions to the upper right side of her head, and on the right side of her temple.

After a preliminary investigation, police learned that at about 11:30 that morning, three minors went swimming and discovered the body of the woman floating face-up in the river beside some bushes, and they took her out of the water.

The body was identified as that of Arly Rose Sardido, 25, an unemployed Philippine national of Pineapple Street, City of Belmopan.

A more intensive search of the area resulted in the discovery of the body of David Reichel in the river later that weekend.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Sinquest Martinez, Commander of Belmopan police, told reporters that after finding Sardido, they brought in the Canine Unit to carry out a land search, and the Coast Guard to carry out a search in the water, and there, the body of Reichel was later found.

Martinez said that they are seeking another man who is known to them, also from the Roaring Creek area, in connection with the double murder.

It is expected that after post-mortems are conducted, the bodies will be handed over to the respective embassies so that they can be returned to the victims’ home countries for burial.

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