Sports — 30 May 2014 — by Peter Young
Easy Does It

Easy Does It heading for the big one

The village of Lemonal in the Belize District is the home of many well-known cricketers. The name of their team was Surprise, of which many trophies and awards were won.

At one time, Lemonal had so many players that there were too many for one team, so some went to play with other teams. You could see players on teams like Sunrise, Berlan, Western Eagles, Wicked 11, etc. This was how Easy Does It was formed. Surprise had older men playing, and the younger men could not play in that league; so in 2009, John Anthony, Ike and Denvo Banner got together and started talking to the rest of the youths, and Easy Does It was born. Ike is now the captain of the team.

All these years, this small team struggled with the stronger teams in the area to reach in the top finishers, but luck was not on their side. During these years, Surprise was still playing strong, and sometimes looked down on this small team and wondered if they would go anywhere. But today, with determination and dedication, Easy Does It is now heading for the semifinals.

Just to inform you, Surprise has faded into the shade for now, and are fully behind Easy Does It. On Saturday, they played a game against Bright Star in Sandhill. Bright Star lost the game, 122 to 124, with 3 wickets to spare. It was a well-played game, with Bright Star batting first. The score went like this: 1 for 0; 2 for 11; 3 for 30; 4 for 40; 5 for 40; 6 for 49; 7 for 63; 8 for 86; 9 for 87; all for 122. In that inning, Shane Robinson scored 55 runs, with Warren “Bom Jones” Anthony taking 4 wickets; while Cyril Banner, Jr. took 3 wickets. Easy Does It went to bat next, and wickets fell in this order: 1 for 15; 2 for 16; 3 for 50; 4 for 50; 5 for 55; 6 for 65; 7 for 108; the 8th batter went and carried the score to 124, surpassing Bright Star. In that inning, Aaron Muslar scored 40 runs, and Andy Dominquez took 4 wickets.

Again, it was a well-played game. I believe all spectators enjoyed themselves and had a good day. Easy Does It, you have struggled over the years, and the name you have chosen has proved that by “easy doing it,” great things can happen. It has. Keep it up, youths; and respect each other. Also, respect others that you may come in contact with, and you will be respected too. To the manager, the captain and teammates, I wish you all the best. You have played hard and deserve to be congratulated!

(Ed. Note: A former national cricket team member, Warren Anthony, squatting at far left in picture above, is the son of 1980’s star goalkeeper, Wayne “Bom” Jones; thus the nickname.)

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