Letters — 02 December 2014
Education Ministry treats Pat Cacho “with crass indifference”

The Editor Amandala

Dear Sir,

KUDOS—Given the fragility of the country’s public health infrastructure, the refusal to allow the transfer of an ebola virus suspect from ship to aircraft for onward transport to the USA, made sense at whatever cost.

KICKS—My recent offer to partner with the Ministry of Education by contributing up to Bze$400,000 to help improve/develop science laboratories in a few needy secondary schools, has been treated by the Ministry with crass indifference, to say the least.

I recall the offer of partnership which eventually resulted in the establishment of the Ignacia Cacho public library in Dangriga. The offer of land and money laid on the table for some ten years, until my friend Charles “Charlie” Hyde assumed the chairmanship of the National Library Board and resolved to move the project forward… I had actually given up and demanded the return of my land and money.

Good citizen Charlie saved the day.

I made the offer of up to Bze$400,000 out of gratitude to my country, to help meet a critical need in the development of our youth and our country. Small though it may be, in the context of the Ministry’s budget, it could  have helped a few students. Alas! there seems to be  a shortage of those with Charlie’s character and I am running out of time, so I have decided to look to more cooperative recipients..

This is sadly beginning to look like ayo, adios, farewell to my beloved Belize.

Best wishes,

Cornelius (Pat) Cacho

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