Letters — 09 July 2016
Is England our friend?

Dear Editor,

The Caribbean and the world have discussed Brexit. Some of our eminent thinkers have argued that Britain is leaving the European Union because it in their national interest. Whether it be to control immigration, reduce the billions in dues or cumbersome bureaucracy; the Union was hindering their national interest.

Britain doesn’t assist the Caribbean because they love us. They assist us because it is in their national interest. We are more than willing to align ourselves with them and push their international agenda.

Instead, we must follow suit and push our national interest. Is millions in aid worth billions in trade? We have not been able to get a favorable trade deal with the EU. I suspect they still see us as a source of their prosperity.

The Caribbean must mature and act, instead of react. It is time to free ourselves from mental slavery. Let’s put our national and regional interest before theirs. There are great geopolitical changes occurring with Russia, China and correspondent banking.

It is time for CARICOM to flex, or become obsolete. We in Belize must ask, is England really our friend? Why did they colonize us for over 300 years? Why did they want us to accept the Heads of Agreement? Why are they training with the Guatemala military?

I know that if you are my friend, you would help me to be prosperous. Has England made us prosperous?

Yours truly,

Brian Ellis Plummer

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