Sports — 13 August 2016 — by Peter A. Young
Excellence once again stops Eagles in their track

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug. 10, 2016–Hello to all my cricket players and fans! Let us all give thanks and praise to the Great One Who, without a doubt, spared us mightily with no lost of lives. Yes, the country had gotten a severe blow but Dear Lord, it could have been worse. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to those that were affected, whether great or small; may you all get assistance quickly. Let us (Government) look not only on one side. This disaster hit both sides of party lines.

Enough said. Back to my part of reporting cricket. Thanks to our sponsors, Belikin and Smart, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks Competition continued last week. No report was given due to the storm situation and effects.

Once again, Team Excellence has proven they are the best over the Eagles. Last weekend, they just proved that under the captainship of Sydney “Brooksie” Martinez and the stewardship of old veteran Sylbert Martinez.  At the start, Excellence won the toss and took to bat. The two first batsmen started to display excellence in controlling the bowling of the Eagles. And so, wickets started falling in this order: 1 for 6; 2 for 66; 3 for 112; 4 for 118; 5 for 125; 6 for 131; 7 for 134; 8 for 165; 9 for 166; 10 for 166.  Captain Sydney Martinez top scored with 44, while captain Dirk Sutherland took 4 wickets.

After lunch break, the Eagles took to bat, trying to best Excellence’s score. But, try as they may, at the fall of the last wicket, it was just a dream; as the bowling of young Keenan Flowers, who took 4 wickets, was so powerful that the Eagles could only muster 77. Their wickets fell in this order: 1 for 0; 2 for 12; 3 for 16; 4 for 16; 5 for 49; 6 for 52; 7 for 56; 8 for 57; 9 for 76; 10 for 77.  Jonathan Benjamin top scored with 29. This brought the Eagles’ try for the championship to an end.

I have mentioned in my previous article that the Western Eagles team must be congratulated. You all have played your hearts out. A big Big-Up to Jonathan Benjamin! You had put all into your game playing with Team Eagles. I know how you feel, but this is how games are played. You win some; you lose some. Best of luck to you and whichever team you choose to continue with. Captain Dirk, you fought well. You lost a season, but you have gained respect from all.

As I was getting my article ready, I was informed by the president that Easy Does It, had gained the points from Berlan. That puts Easy Does It and Excellence going against each other for the championship. Easy Does It are back-to-back champs, going for the third in a row. This series starts on Saturday, August 13, in Lemonal. So, please come out and enjoy cricket playing at its best.

As I leave you, I must emphasize: LOVE AND RESPECT YOUR FELLOWMEN! Bye, till next week!

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