Headline — 22 August 2018 — by Albert J. Ciego
Two executed in Sugar City

Junior Treminio, 34, and Christopher Calderon, 19, shot to death on Zericote Street

ORANGE WALK TOWN, Mon. Aug. 20, 2018– At about 5:30 yesterday evening, Junior Treminio, 34, and  Christopher Enrique Calderon, 19,  two friends who both resided  in Orange Walk Town, were socializing with others in front of a house on Zericote Street, not far from the Louisiana Football Field in Orange Walk Town, where the Mundialito football competition was being played, when a  vehicle drove up and stopped, and a man wearing a ski mask on his face  came out of the vehicle,  armed with a pistol, and fired shots in the direction of Treminio and his friends.

There was confusion as the men scrambled for cover, and Treminio and Calderon ran into the nearby yard, but the gunman ran after them and shot them several times. The gunman then ran back into his vehicle, and it sped away.

Treminio and Calderon were hit, while the others escaped unhurt.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvette, Head of National Crimes Investigation, said today, during the weekly Monday police press brief, that police, on their arrival at the scene, saw two men suffering with multiple gunshot wounds. They were both rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital, where Treminio was declared dead on arrival and Calderon died shortly after, while doctors were trying to treat him.

The scene of the shooting was processed and 16 expended shells were recovered. Doctors informed the police that Treminio was shot 7 times and Calderon was shot 6 times.

Police have not identified any suspects in the shooting, although, while following up on a lead, they detained one man for questioning, but he has been released. A motive has not yet been established for this double murder, but police believe that Treminio was the target.

ACP Myvette said that Treminio was known to police and had numerous drug trafficking charges pending in the courts.

Myvette said that Major Crimes investigators have been sent to Orange Walk Town to conduct the investigation, and police have stepped up operations to try to prevent an explosion of violence.

There are many speculations regarding the double murders, including that Treminio, who was reportedly the leader of a street gang, was targeted in the ongoing gang war for turf, and that the shooting was a hit on him.

ACP Myvette said that the community is shaken by the double murder, because there were many children in the area, and the act was so brazen.

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