Letters — 05 November 2013 — by Belize’s expatriate community

Dear Editor,

There was an article posted in Amandala two weeks ago regarding crime against expatriates – since then, there has been a violent home invasion in Hopkins (Sittee Point) and a violent murder in Consejo Shores. Both involved robberies and theft and the victims were expatriates.

Looking back over the past 2 years, there have been 20-plus expat murders in the past two years – the majority of these were home invasions gone bad. Belize’s expatriate population is getting very concerned and organized. We do own businesses and love Belize; however, our obligation to our visiting ex-countrymen is their (and our) safety.

A well known travel writer for Fodors has started warning visitors of crime for the 2014 tour book. Tripadvisor and our home government travel warnings will be next. We do not mean to threaten; we want to work together with our communities, but our communities and friends are also frightened of the criminals.

We are FED UP. Something MUST be done. We will be watching the news and Amandala for visible action; a plan and communication with expatriates. Community visits and promises of assistance by police are not working.

We do not want to leave, but if we go, we WILL take tourism with us. Please put pressure on the applicable government programs. We want to stay.

Belize’s expatriate community

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