Headline — 19 October 2012 — by Albert J. Ciego
Fake policeman attempts to rape woman at gunpoint

A woman, 25, a domestic, escaped from certain sexual assault, and maybe with her life, after a fake policeman kicked open her door and at gunpoint, ordered her to take off her clothes.

As the intruder was about to rape the woman, however, her husband, 32, a laborer, come home and the intruder ran out of the house.

The incident occurred in the city around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, October 14. The woman told police that she was at home sleeping alone when someone awoke her by knocking on her door. She got out of her bed and peeped to see what was happening, and that was when a man identified himself as a police officer and said he wanted to get into her house.

The woman told police that the man was dark-skinned was wearing a white undershirt and black 3/4 pants. She immediately became alarmed and refused to open the door, and that was when the imposter kicked open the door and entered her house.

She said that the intruder was armed with a .38 revolver, which he aimed at her. He then grabbed her hair and put the gun at the side of her head, dragged her into her bedroom. He then threw her on the floor and pulled off her skirt and her underwear, but as he was about to assault her, the husband came home.

As the husband came into the house, the fake cop ran out of the house, taking her purse that was on the bed containing her cellphone, valued around $370.00.

The victim said that the light was on in the living room, and that when her husband entered the house, he did not immediately realize that an intruder was in the house, because she could not scream to warn him since the imposter had covered her mouth.

Police who were called came quickly and a search of the area was conducted, but the fake policeman was nowhere to be found.

Police are investigating.

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