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Home Headline Father of 11 murdered on farm in Buena Vista

Father of 11 murdered on farm in Buena Vista

BUENA VISTA, Cayo District, Thurs. Dec. 15, 2016–The decomposed body of a Guatemalan farmer was found on a ranch a couple miles from Buena Vista this evening, off what we are told is the Young Gial road leading to Valley of Peace.

Police have not officially disclosed the name of the farmer. An onsite post-mortem will be conducted tomorrow to certify the cause of death, after which the corpse will be buried.

Today, in an interview with KREM, Carlos Medrano, the eldest son of the farmer, said that they all became worried when they had not seen or heard from their father in three weeks, so his younger brother came to the farm to look for him, and not finding him in the house, began to look for him on the ranch.

When he came to an area by the river, he found the corpse, wrapped in a sheet which was covered with cohune leaves. The upper part of the body was decomposed.

Medrano said that his father is 60 years old and has no known enemies. They are at a loss why anyone would want to murder him. He grows watermelon for sale at the market to sustain himself and the only reason he believe his dad was killed was robbery, said Medrano.

Medrano said that he was told that his father was dead at about 2:00 this afternoon and when he came, he saw the corpse on the ranch.

Police were already there, and he found that his father’s motorcycle was missing from the ranch, along with a BB gun.

He said that his dad had lived alone on the ranch, and has 11 sons and daughters.

The decomposed body of a woman was found yesterday and buried last night at the Lords Bank Cemetery. She was found in an advance state of decomposition floating in the Belize River, in an area behind Los Lagos. She apparently had been mauled by crocodiles.

Her identity is unknown.

(We thank KREM’s Marisol Amaya for information on the story.)

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