Letters — 01 March 2013 — by Mrs. Fred Bond

Feb. 18, 2013
Belmopan, Belize C.A.

Dear Editor,

Belmopan is called the Garden City. Taking care of a garden is hard work. I live next to two vacant lots. I was told once there is an ordinance against vacant lots not being mowed, chopped, or macheted. The lot next to us has not been attended to for so long I can’t remember when it was chopped. The lot beyond was never chopped and this is going on seven years.

I have been trying to get City Hall to do something for more than two weeks. Mr. Philip Timmons has put me off too long.

I then went over to the man’s house who owns the lot, got his name and street where he lives. This information I gave to Mayor Simeon Lopez. Nothing has happened.

I am tired of living next to a jungle. Every day there are tarantulas in the dogs’ water and feed bowls. One as large as a baseball was in our houses.

Every time our gardener comes, we pay him $5 extra to mow his (the neighbor’s) side of the fence or the vines would grow so I can’t see down the street. Now the bushes have grown higher than our laundry room.

A neighbor was using it for a pasture field, for his horse. I noticed another man who is working on a house nearby using it for a toilet.

Recently we had to hire an exterminator to rid us of ticks. I was told horses are a habitation for ticks. There were many horses kept in the vacant lot behind our house. It was expensive and a lot of work to get rid of those ticks.

I am a member of the Humane Society and Mr. Hewie said he is trying to get a meeting with City Council about some of these issues.

We live on the corner of Mountain View Avenue. This is the busiest street in Belmopan. I would like to know why the City Council and mayor are so negligent.

Monday mornings I am told they have prayer meeting for three hours. Fridays they also have a three-hour meeting. The receptionist is very good at putting me off. The first time I called she had me talking to a security guard, Mr. Martin Ak. I guess they all work together to just put in the time.

I am very sincerely yours,
(Signed) Mrs. Fred Bond (Sally)

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