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Football update from Orange Walk

ORANGE WALK TOWN, Wed. May 25, 2016–5-A-Side football: Here are some results from the 5-A-Side Football Tournament being played at the People’s Stadium every Tuesday and Thursday night in two divisions, Interoffice and Open.

On Thursday, May 19, in game 1, (Open) Stadium Strikers clipped San Fran, 1-0, on a goal by Zacarias Gonzalez. In game 2, (Interoffice) Cuello’s dropped Odett’s, 3-2. Cuello’s goals were by Antonio Sabido (2) and Robi Cuello, while both Odett’s goals were by Mauricio Estrada. And in game 3, (Open) Landy’s won, 1-0, over Minions, with a goal from Gabriel Perez.
In game 1 on Monday, May 24, (Open) Aquarius and Heart N Soul drew, 3-3, in regulation, but Aquarius won, 5-4, in penalty shootout. Goals in regulation were by Luis Carrillo (2) and Rafael Suarez for Aquarius, and by Mauricio Estrada (2) and Hugo Estrada for Heart N Soul. In game 2, Landy’s got the 3-0 win over San Fran, with goals from Gabriel Perez and Enrique Castillo (2). And game 3 saw Stadium Strikers edge Okay Bye, 1-nil, on a goal by Carlos Diaz.

Andrew Chavarria 9-A-Side: Four games were played on Sunday, May 22, in the Andrew Chavarria 9-A-Side Tournament at the People’s Stadium. In game 1, it was Crystal, 3-2, over Sinbad, with goals from Cleveland Lord and Yasin Chan (2), while Sinbad’s goals were by Juan Rodney and Jorge Nunez. In game 2, Black Wata dropped Minions, 3-0, with goals from Dedron Baptist (2) and Michael Palacio. Game 3 saw Grumpy Strikers bomb Young Stars, 4-0, with goals from Samuel Chi (2), Osvaldo Marin and Freddy Lopez. And in game 4, it was LA United, 3-2, over Minions, with George Torres netting all 3 goals for LA United, while Ilder Grajada scored both goals for Minions.

Goal scoring leaders up to Week 4 are: Jorge Nunez (Sinbad) and Nigel Bobb (San Fran) with 3 goals each; and George Torres (LA United), Rubiel Mendez (Sinbad), Cleveland Lord (Cystal), Yasin Chan (Crystal), Dedron Baptist (Black Wata), Samuel Chi (Grumpy Strikers) and Ilder Grajada (Minions) all with 2 goals apiece.

N.B. Jorge Nunez was the coach of the Belize Jaguars. He is the present goleador of Andrew Chavarria Tournament, as well as the coach of Sinbad in the Andrew Chavarria Tournament and in the Irvin “Stud” Hendricks Tournament, whose championship will be played on Sunday, May 29, between Sinbad FC, owned by Francisco “Tico” Mendez, and Progresso FC, which features players like Gabrielito Perez, Luis Cunil, Eliezar “Toro” Itza, among others. The Irvin “Stud” Hendricks Tournament is being organized by Oliver “Lionheart” Hendricks.

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