Headline — 27 February 2015 — by Albert J. Ciego
Frustrated gunman kills innocent man

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Feb. 26, 2015–Herbert “Herby” Bodden, 29, of Tubruce Street in Lake I, a well-known car cutter, who goes around with his bicycle cart looking for old vehicles, which he cuts and chops up into portions with an axe and a machete, before selling the pieces of metal to recyclers, died after being shot multiple times in the chest and upper body at about 1:30 this afternoon in Kevin’s Vehicle Scrap Yard on Cedar Street.

Reports to Amandala by a witness who was at the yard are that a man known as “Alex” came to the yard and sat on a car, and shortly after, got up and went to talk to another man.
A lone gunman then went into the yard and began to fire at Alex, but Alex saw him first and managed to run away from the gunman.

When the gunman saw that Alex had escaped from him, he then turned to Herby Bodden, who was chopping up a car in the yard, and without provocation, shot him.

Herby fell to the ground, and the gunman stood over him and shot him a few more times while he was helpless on the ground, after which the gunman ran out of the area.

The witness said that while the gunman was shooting Herby, he had wanted to attack him, but he was inside a car, and when he tried to get out, the gunman saw him and (he) the witness, got out of the car and ran.

After the gunman escaped, they quickly picked up Herby and took him to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival.

The witness said that Herby was innocent, that he was killed simply because the gunman could not catch his target. The death was a senseless murder, by a fool with a gun in his hands, he said.

The witness said that Herby was called to the yard by Kevin, the owner of the scrap yard, that morning and was chopping up a car when the gunman came.

Herby will be remembered as a man who was reliable and diligent, but was a man of few words, said the many people who knew him. He seldom talked, and only did so when he had to.
The police have begun their investigation and are looking for a man known to them, who they believe can help them with the investigation.

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