Letters — 09 December 2017
End game: da weh deh want?

Editor Amandala,


1. Somebaddy stab di patient … di patient di hemorrhage, so deh rush ah da Accidents & Emergency. (Unnu betta no dare call my hasspital: Kill Him Murder Her—KHMH!)

2. Normally, when pipple di bleed fram wah stab wound, latta ting go aahn eena A&E.

3. One ah di fus (first) ting weh deh do …or weh deh suppose fih do … dah fi try prevent death fra circulatory shock. (Usually police also show up dah A&E fi du weh deh suppose to do).

4. But ah hear dat deh di force dis bleeding patient fi give more blood, iyah!

5. Deh di tell dis bleeding patient dat IF eeh noh give blood, eeh wah dead! (An already anemic … and now bleeding patient is now supposed to give more blood … to “survive.”)

6. Fi we lee Belize dun anemic … pantappa dat, deh stab we eena wi back … wi di bleed … we gaan dah haaspital fi get help … and now deh di seh dat we have to give more blood! … if we wahnt live!

7. Me no andastand dat! You andastand dat? Dah weh di happen to wi?

Bernard Bulwer
BEB, Dec 2, 2017

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