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General elections no later than “first part of next year” – PM Barrow

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Sept. 3, 2015–The United Democratic Party (UDP) government of Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow is confident that it will secure a third term whenever general elections are called— any time before the March 2017 due date.

       The question then is, when will the general elections be called?

       Prime Minister Barrow, in response to questions from the media about the date on which he plans to hold the earlier-than-expected general elections, today said the general elections will not be called later than the first part of next year.

       In response to a question which referred to purported statements by the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) that the elections will be called in November 3, 2015, PM Barrow said, “Why am I even thinking about it?”

       “I can’t know if my calculations have even contemplated the possibility of November 3, because I have not yet made those calculations,” Barrow said.

       “So, still no date?” Barrow was asked.

       “Still no date,” Barrow agreed.

       “I will go as far as saying this, and I don’t think I am giving away anything,” Barrow continued,

       “Elections will be no later than the first part of next year.”

       The Prime Minister went on to say, “The PUPs on the last occasion had said that they think that the term should be a four-year term. Quite frankly, I agree with them.”

       Barrow added, “If we win again, I would like to see that change.”

       He said, “If we do win again, that’s the last for me, but whoever is coming next, or has aspirations to come next, might not agree with me.”

       “But my personal position is that we ought to go back to a four-year term,” Barrow offered.

       “And I am thinking in terms of the next general elections, of somewhere close to the four-year marker, which would mean, then, that we are looking at not beyond February/March next year,” he said.

      Tonight, Amandala spoke with PUP Senator and Legal Advisor, Anthony Sylvestre, who confimed that the four-year term of government proposal was a part of the PUP 2012 manifesto, and the party still supports the proposal.

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