General — 12 April 2016
Girl, 15, who suffers from cerebral palsy, sexually assaulted by stepfather

STANN CREEK DISTRICT, Mon. Apr. 11, 2016–Police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted his 15-year-old stepdaughter, who suffers from cerebral palsy and is unable to speak or walk.

On Friday, the girl and her mother went to police, and the mother told them that when she came home from work, she saw her daughter looking sad and uncomfortable, and began to communicate with her.

Through signs and symbols, the girl reported that whenever her babysitter left the house, her stepfather would touch her breast, vagina and buttocks.

The child was taken by police to a clinic, where she was examined by a doctor who certified that her hymen was torn.

The stepfather is on the run. If he is tried in court and found guilty, he can expect a minimum jail sentence of 10 years.

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