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Glenn Blease writes Mayor Darrell Bradley

LettersGlenn Blease writes Mayor Darrell Bradley

May 15, 2017

His Lordship the Mayor, Darrell Bradley
Belize City Council

Dear Mayor,
I, Glenn Blease, the author of this letter, with great disgust write to inform you about a matter of severe discomfort with regards to my parents’ burial.

My parents are Joseph William Bernard Blease, World War II hero, veteran and former British Honduras policeman, and Avelina Herrera. My father, Joseph Blease, passed away in February 1985, and mother passed in November 2006.

Now, let the record reflect that at the time of my mother’s passing, I had to do a grave search to have my mother buried with my father. The grave error from your department had revealed that another body, that of Allain Medina, was buried in the same spot as my father, forcing me to bury my mother at another space.

On Friday, May 12, 2017, I visited your office, where I spoke with Councilor Kevin Singh, and, adding insult to injury, was informed that my experience was not an isolated one, that there are more incidents of people’s loved ones being buried in other graves due to disorderly record-keeping.

Also, to put blame on the late Mr. Neal, the former grave-keeper, and his late wife, Ms. Kimari Tucker, is even more sickening, to say the least, as they cannot seem to set the records straight.

Finally, to Mayor Darrell Bradley and the City Council: the onus is upon your heads. Accountability should be forthcoming, and serious remedies in making amends are moral and ethical.

Glenn Blease

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