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Good laws have the support of the people

In my youth I entertained children, and I had my friends, but I searched for wisdom among my elders. If you’re open to learn, it’s at their feet you should sit. For me there was rarely a dull moment. They have so much to share. Give them respect, share the love, and you will learn and also be entertained.

The voice of the people is the voice of God, they say. That’s mostly true. An experienced demagogue can turn good people into a mob. Yes, sometimes the people can be very wrong. However, when the knowledge of a nation is shared without fear or favor, without “agenda”, the people are never wrong.

If we look at the laws introduced in the days of Leviticus, we realize that the Jews were deep into wikidnis. Some of the laws that were passed are for stuff that go to depths where only the beasts of the fields should go. Anyone who feels that human beings are born good, doesn’t know blank. Human beings are unable to do a thing when they are born. I don’t know if a person deserves points when they “can’t” do anything.

Ah, as the little bohgaz get older, the trouble comes. Some, the quiet, cerebral ones, are kept off the path of iniquity by a good talking to. Some, the physical ones, have to be beaten into shape. Don’t let anybody tell you that the whip is an unnecessary tool.

One of the big goals in “upbringing” is about getting people to conform to the status quo. In childhood we are molded to fit in (and other things), when we grow up. To stay close to my topic, we are molded to fit into the laws of the country.

Unfortunately, not everyone will fit in (not everyone can). When too many people don’t fit in you have a herky-jerky country, like our Belize. A smooth running country is one that can impress upon its people the virtue of its laws. When a people believe in a country’s laws, those who don’t fit in do not, cannot disrupt the order of the day.

Yes, for a law to have virtue, the people must believe in it. Leaders will use the tools available to get the masses to support the country’s laws. Hopefully the laws they push are sensible, not of the fake kind. We all know what happens when a people are called to respect, support bogus laws.

In the days of Moses, he wanted his people to stop eating swine. Because swine is far and away the world’s tastiest meat, and it is a carrier of a dangerous pest when it is not reared in a safe environment or cooked properly, we accept that Moses had to do something to get people to stay away from it.

Now, this was an age before science had explained lots of things. Without science, Moses had to go for the big stick, God, or the people wouldn’t have supported his law banning swine. When Moses brought down the hammer on pigs, he also delivered blows to three other animals that are herbivores. The law he brought declared animals kosher that parteth the hoof, are clovenfooted, and cheweth the cud.

Camels, coneys, hares, and swine, didn’t make it for dinner. We assume that camels didn’t make the dinner table because they were not prolific breeders (gestation period of 400 days and one baby camel) and they are excellent beasts of burden. Moses said they divideth not the hoof. I bet coneys didn’t make it because they are very interesting and very cuddly. Moses said they divideth not the hoof. The hare, a close cousin of rabbits (coneys), probably didn’t make it for the same reason as the coney. Moses said their failure was they divideth not the hoof.

We know that pigs didn’t make it because they sometimes carry a deadly worm called trichina. Moses said they were no good because they cheweth not the cud. Pigs pick up this worm because they like to dig in the mud for roots, and because they are scavengers.

Considering that pigs are a pestiferous animal, love foraging for plants that people eat, eating them was the perfect solution. But Moses knew trichinosis was not a disease to play with. People who aren’t mentally sick, sadistic (like trophy hunters, for example), rarely kill an animal they will not eat. But in this instance, they had to leave the meat to rot.

This law against pig got the support of the people because Moses was able to convince them that God had decreed it. This law worked so well that even tidehday, though we know how to raise pigs the right way and how to prepare the meat, we still find people who refuse to eat it.

Now, let us go back to those old folks, the ones with all the wisdom. No one has a lock on it. It was incredible then, and I still smile when I think on it, how almost all my old male friends scorned weed. I loved drinking in their company. Some could really get drunk. But no matter how drunk, how they staggered, they always felt their nose was above those infidels who smoked weed.

The truth of that story is that our old folks had been sold a package that condemned people who smoked weed. They were sold on what they were told. The package was not a very difficult sell because of culture issues. Rum drinkers don’t mix that well with people who smoke weed.

Next thing, young people will do silly. Older males, drunk on their rum, couldn’t honestly tell their sons about the curse of drinking. But they daam well could tell them about the haraz of weed because they weren’t doing that!

Clearly, the voice of the people was not the voice of God at that time. The people had been sold a lie. We all know what happens to bogus laws. In time they are exposed. Over the years, people noticed that a lot of those who smoked weed were decent, hardworking citizens. In time people realized that they had been controlled by devious propaganda.

A few decades ago, men who drank rum despised men who smoked weed. I am daam well one hundred percent sure that a male alone vote would overwhelmingly support legalizing it. A lie can only live so long. That’s why the devil will lose every time.

It’s been a long time now that this country’s leaders have been propping up a weed law that is very unpopular and makes no sense. That weed law lost the support of the people a long time ago.

P.S. Okay, this piece didn’t consider the position of females in our society. For various reasons, females are not as big on rum and weed as their menfolk are. From my observation, women in our society hated rum and weed equally. And that hasn’t changed much. I don’t know that a popular vote would support weed, if women participated. But if women participated, the popular vote would be against many things that guys like to do.

Trouble for Jesus. Revenge of the swine raisers

The law against eating pork was very much in force when Jesus walked this earth, many, many years after Leviticus. But it isn’t because He hated pigs, why He brought destruction on an entire herd of the beasts. It was trickery that caused it.

Braa, the way God the Father designed this world, no one escapes trouble. If you say, I don’t want to sin so I’ll stay in my house all day, we are fooling ourselves! The sins are countless that we commit when we lock ourselves away. That’s because sin is not only an action word. We sin in our thoughts, oh wikid, wikid thougths, and we sin by failing to do what is right. There’s just no escape from it.

The story is that Jesus drove a man’s devils into a herd of pigs, which animals subsequently went crazy and ran off a cliff. In MARK 5:12 we see that the devious demons in the man actually said to Jesus, Send us into the swine. My gudnis, from our end, think about the waste of chops! And think about the wasted tails!

And the poor swineherd, it is unlikely that his boss gave him any pay that weekend that he lost the entire herd. I doubt it. Would anyone blame that poor man if he started selling weed so he could get some earnings to pay off his bills, and put food on the table for his children?

There is no mention of Jesus making recompense to the owner of the herd for the loss. What we know is that they came to ask questions. In MARK 5:17 we are told that they began to pray Him to depart out of their coasts. Clearly, the owners of the swine were very angry, and who would say unjustifiably so. What a blow to Christianity it would have been if those angry farmers had killed Him. His killers had to be those philistinic Jewish leaders!
Ah, no direct mention is made of recompense. But He did leave the area. I wager that like every real good Catholic, Jesus must have gone on a real bad guilt trip after sending those farmers’ herd of swine to ruin. I don’t think He was about “making up” when He declared all food to be good to eat. Indeed, I’m not sure that He did so declare. That saga was all about our wikid thoughts.

Of course the law against eating swine wasn’t based on an eternal truth. But He would have been way ahead of His time to give a clear path to pork on the dinner table because that was many years before human beings learned to cook pork the right way, and to raise domestic pigs on cement floors.

The tricky Pharisees had their “dirty hands” game plan, but He knocked their pokko over the fence when He said (MARK 7:15) …nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him…With one mighty stroke He knocked them off their stools. And he gave an opening to the people who raised swine and those who loved their chops and tails. The story went out that He had overturned the law that damned swine meat.

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