Features — 15 October 2016 — by Dr. Theodore Aranda
Government corruption versus national survival

October 12, 2016–For the past few weeks the issue that has gripped national attention is the confrontation of the Government with the teachers and schools. But first and foremost it is important to know and understand that the nation of Belize maintains schools, Government and all the other social institutions and organizations so that each, within its own portfolio and responsibilities, pursues:

(1)The welfare and good governance of the nation

(2)That schools and Government are equally basic national educational institutions, each instructing and training in its own field of responsibilities by its performance of its obligations and duties. Government educates informally and demonstrates good from negative and bad governance through the legislative, judiciary, executive, Cabinet, and all other government committees.

Schools train and educate through civic training, progressive values and positive attitudes. They train and prepare the citizenry to enable the achievement of societal highest potential. Schools clarify national values, attitudes and cultural heritage. They train citizens in the required skills to be productive members and contributors to the society scientifically, technologically, professionally, morally, ethically and politically to enable coping with the unknowns of the future. In brief, schools are the institutions and centres for advancements that separate man from beast, civilization from savagery. Most families, religious institutions and churches do likewise.

Many individuals, on the contrary, seek and pursue political and government leadership for the self-enrichment opportunities which power facilitates.

Those kinds of leaders are not concerned about good governance, the common good, law and order or the positives schools are about. Those leaders will readily loot their own country; they will embrace corruption, crime and violence to achieve their end. They will unhesitatingly crush their own people, bathe their own fellow citizens in blood, set their nation afire just so they continue in power to continue looting. They harbor no respect for the nation; they would use their national authority and powers to distort the national constitution. They will readily use the nation’s security forces to crush the very citizens those forces were instituted to protect. Those leaders and their political party will adopt a different set of values that goes diametrically against the civilizing attitude and mind-set that form and shape our culture and civilization.

Because those rulers and government leaders will have adopted corruption, crime and violence to rule by, they have abandoned the trust and confidence that gave them entry to power and to remain in power. They have terminated the justification to remain in power. They, then, have to voluntarily abandon governmental powers or be removed out of those powers.

A 10 year timeline should immediately go into effect to eradicate corruption from the Government of Belize.

(1) Immediate elections to remove the present government and administration, accompanied by appropriate punitive measures their offenses and violations merit.

(2) Whenever (with no time limitation) corruption and crime rear their heads in any government, the offender and/or the entire government is forthwith removed from office, replaced and be meted appropriate punishment.

The nation of Belize is presently in a serious quagmire. Its present government will only take us into deeper corruption, international monetary problems and bankruptcy. There is no party that offers any hope or solution. The entire nation and citizenry should take immediate corrective measures or keep sliding into becoming a more serious threat to the stability and security of the Central American and broader region. Belizean continued existence hangs in the balance.

We better learn from history or we will be obliterated into history.

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