Sports — 09 August 2013 — by Fidelio Montes, Jr. – Secretary, Cayo Billiards Assn.

Well, folks, the annual Guinness 9-Ball Tournament continued over the weekend in Cayo with a couple of very intense matches. As it now is that time that we refer to as “crunch time,” the teams with the aspirations to represent their home turf get their game faces on and their ammunition loaded for what would be one of the biggest battles yet. Playing on Sunday, August 4, were the two top teams, namely team Dibos of Benque Viejo del Carmen and the guys that claim to have team Wicked Intentions, playing for Mom’s Backyard out of San Ignacio…

Here is a walk through the very intense and nerve racking games. First up for Dibos was David Fernandez against Johnny Betancourt for a commanding victory of 5 to 1 in favor of Dibos. And folks, it seems that Dibos came out with serious fire power, as Rogelio Boteo asserts their lead with a 5 to 2 victory over Wallace “Tai San” Chu. As Elmer Cruz of Dibos tries to give his team another victory, Jimmy “Singerman” Rudon just barely edges him out for a 5 to 4 win. Now, team Wicked Intentions send out the very hopeful Juan “Maestro” Villanueva on the offense, and so he does by defeating Sholamer with a marginal 5 to 4 win. So, now the game is all tied up at 2-2. But Lionel Pinelo, Dibos’ sharpshooter, disappoints his team, as he was unable to make it in time for the match, thus giving Wicked Intentions the big W overall for a 3 to 2 series.

The finals are set for August 10 and August 18, to start at 4:00 p.m. sharp. The first of the matches will be played at one of San Ignacio’s very well known venues, Camp 6 Sports Bar, where the environment is just “splendoucious,” followed by game number 2 to be played at Mom’s Backyard, where the food is ohhh so good…. So, folks, make those two days a part of your weekends, and come on over to support your favorites.

Once again, thank you to Guinness for making this possible, and all the sponsors and players….

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