Letters — 17 October 2014
Help Hopkins!!

Dear Editor,

As the clock ticks and the sand erodes the beach at the north end, we lost another 4 coconut trees from the last ebbed high tide here in Hopkins. That is 5 rows of coconut trees all down from erosion when I planted each one of them 15 years ago!

HELP Hopkins – we need a retaining wall. I at Kismet have lost 200 feet of beach. I have no beach, now losing the yard, I am 15 feet from the tide flowing in to my front steps to Kismet, where I used to be 200 feet!

I beg for help. I will come up with the sand bags if you can donate several truckloads of sand and river rock. Silicone fence material would be ideal for containing rocks for the retaining wall that is a must NOW!!

I hope to believe the reason we have a Village Council is in times like this, for emergency assistance in saving the village from destruction. It would greatly help to promote tourism by having a beach for tourists to enjoy if it is still there to use. I have not seen Wayne Casimiro, as he promised to physically come visually see how horrendous the beach loss is. I have asked the Village Council for village participation in this needed project. Please get back to me ASAP, Tricia Wipfler, 651-9368.

Notice the last film, what it looked like 15 years ago. That green sea grape area is gone, and the beach beside it is gone.

The jetty that Hopkins Harbor built without a care for the disappearance of Hopkins beach anywhere south of them is an accelerator. That should be taken down ASAP.

Thank you for caring,

Tricia Wipfler
Kismet Inn, Hopkins

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