Letters — 26 September 2014
The hypocrisy of us all

September 23, 2014

Dear Editor,

Thanks for allowing me a space in your newspaper. I need to remind us about the music we listen to. All too often they are very explicit and not suitable for the human ear much less for our young people to hear.

Last week, for instance, the country was in full swing celebrating the 33rd anniversary of our independence. The usual routine is to have block parties and parades. I’d like to draw our attention to the parades, particularly to the school parades that usually occur at this time.

Here in Orange Walk Town, we held the school parade on Friday the 19th. I was appalled to hear some of the music that was pumped through the speakers that formed parts of the various floats. Some of the lyrics made me hold my breath! Not only were they sexually explicit, and that’s putting it politely, but the dances that accompanied them were downright unacceptable.

Imagine, educators who should know better allowing this sort of activity to transpire. As a fellow educator myself, I was left dumbfounded.

Now, here’s why I entitled this writing: “The hypocrisy of us all.” Normally when a young lady gets pregnant, she is “kicked out of a school.” Why? You are promoting sexual rendezvous with the genre of music you play in the school parade. So what do you expect? We need to do better. We reap what we sow.

Let us learn to have school parades that are safe for all concerned, especially our students.


E. Distan

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