General — 15 November 2013 — by Albert J. Ciego

The continuous rains over the past days have been making bad situations worse in various parts of the country. The rising flood waters are inundating certain sections of the north, such as the Sarteneja area, where the road is covered with water for miles, with depths of up to over 3 feet in parts, making traveling on the road very difficult.

The owner of a bus line in Sarteneja announced today on KREM Radio that tomorrow, Friday, is the last day he is allowing his buses to traverse the impassable Sarteneja Road, due to its terrible condition and the damage being caused to his vehicles by the high flood waters on the road. He claimed that parts of the road are so bad that he fears that his vehicle will become bogged down. He said that his vehicles will not be travelling until there are improvements to the road.

This lack of public transportation will create additional difficulties for travelers to and from the village, who must travel from the village to work and to school.

NEMO of Orange Walk announced that the Ministry of Works has been informed about the terrible situation, and the Ministry has indicated that an assessment of the situation will be carried out, and repairs to the road will be done as soon as the weather improves.

According to reports, buses taking people from Orange Walk to the village have been dropping off travelers, including students, at a point where the road is impassable due to rising flood waters, and they must walk through the water up to 3 feet deep in certain parts of the road.

NEMO has said that the water on the roads is not so deep as to require that they send in boats to transport the people, so the people have to walk through the water after being dropped off by the buses.

NEMO announced that nothing can be done to help Sarteneja residents with this present problem until the weather improves and repairs on the road begin.

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