Letters — 27 August 2013 — by Robert Turton

Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me a little space in your newspaper to ask the Mayor of Belize City a few questions. First I would like to congratulate him for taking steps to improve the infrastructure of Belize City, Something that the PUP central government and municipal government never thought of doing because they were too busy doing “other things.” And it seems like the UDP Central Government is somewhat following suit because maybe they are a bit embarrassed by what all you have been doing with such little resources at your disposal.

Recently we have been getting a lot of rains and I have seen the majority of the recently cemented streets totally covered and saturated in water. Now I am no structural engineer, but my common sense tells me this will shorten the life of these streets. So rather than cementing street after street with the possibility that they may not last for the intended lifetime, why not explore ways to improve the drainage?

Robert Turton

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