Letters — 21 December 2012 — by Lincoln Gillett

December 17, 2012

Dear Editor,

Over the last couple of days, I have had occasion to reflect on my mid-life crisis and how close I am to my three score + ten of sojourning here in my country, Belize. I was thinking about my contributions to the development of this noble spot and the “what-could-have-been” as an exile in another country. Guess what! I fell into a state of melancholy so deep that I had to find some writing, some reflection, by another person somewhere out there who had found him or herself in the same dilemma.

I found a very old book of reflections by the celebrated South African author Alan Paton of the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi – “Lord make me an Instrument of thy Peace.” Allan Paton had to make a choice between going into exile or staying and becoming such an Instrument of God’s Peace. He, of course, stayed in South Africa, and by his writings, did champion the cause of God’s Peace there.

The Belize of today has placed any true Christian in an appallingly difficult and harrowing situation. Why? Because the economic, political, social and judicial situations, in my opinion, are clearly opposed to the teachings of the New Testament. If you take each of the Belizean woes separately, you find in each circumstance that they are contributing to the melancholy seen and felt in the streets, boardrooms, both Houses of Parliament and the courts of this land – greed for greed, hatred for hatred, up-manship for up-manship and nolle prosequi after nolle prosequi. It seems to me that a particular brand of apartheid is alive and well in Belize.

I question how the Biblical Christianity can ever hope to exist, much less become the reconciliatory force which would usher in that time when Belize will be filled with the Glory of God and give credence to the name which can be called Wonderful, Councilor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

I, too, like Allan Paton, have decided to stay as a citizen rather than an exile in another country and be an authentic Instrument of His Peace.

(Signed) Lincoln Gillett

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