Letters — 19 May 2018
International insight from Howard A.


I am laughing so hard, I cannot find the keys to my typewriter. The all mighty United States of America is being shafted…, but get this…, it is being shafted by its own president!!!

The USA had sanctioned a giant Chinese company named ZTE for its illegal sales to North Korea and Iran. ZTE is a telecommunications company; it sells about 65 million cell phones annually in the US alone; it is huge!!!

But having been sanctioned by the US, it could not find some of the components for its phones elsewhere, and it was going under!!!!  So suddenly, Trump calls President Xi in China and says, “Let’s save this company.”

Hey, what a great gesture!!

And then within hours of that magnanimous move, the Chinese find 500 million dollars to invest in a hotel/golf course project by Trump companies in Indonesia, I guess I am blind, because I don’t see any connection between the two.

Trump companies in the US are losing money big time, so he is trying to invest overseas. He doesn’t realize that in the world today, if the banks want you, wherever you are, they will get you!!!!

Have a good day, Donald!!!!!

Howard A. Frankson

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