Headline — 29 January 2013 — by Albert J. Ciego
Intruders kill father in his home, in front of 2 young daughters

Two weeks after the house of Said Musa, former People’s United Party Leader and former Prime Minister, was shot up in the City, Steven Valencia, 46, a PUP activist of Santa Elena, Cayo, and the father of two little girls, was shot to death in the bedroom of his home at about 8:45 p.m. on Thursday, January, 24.

Thieves gained entry into his house and shot him in the neck, back and chest. He was taken to the San Ignacio Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police say that Valencia, who was at home with his two young daughters, 4 and 6 years respectively, heard a noise coming from behind his house, and at the same time, the back door was stomped open and two unmasked men entered the house, one of whom was armed with a shotgun. They ordered him to lie on the floor, demanded money, and then shot him.

When neighbors, who were alerted by the gunshots, began flashing their lights at the house, the robbers ran out of the house and escaped.

Neighbors said that probably, the attackers believed that Valencia had money in the house, because he was selling land.

A neighbor said that as he spotted his flashlight on the house, he saw Steve’s two little girls running out the front door. The neighbor said that when he spotted the light, he saw a man running out of the house to grab them, but they ran to him for safety.

The man who was chasing them went back inside the house.

The neighbor believed that his intervention saved the lives of the two little girls. He dreaded what could have happened to the children in the house alone with the killers, after they killed their father.

Valencia was the sole provider for the little girls, the mother being resident in the States.

So far, no one has yet been arrested for Valencia’s death.

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