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Ivan Sosa, 38, shot dead in front of bar in Ranchito

RANCHITO, Corozal District, Mon. Apr. 16, 2018– Ivan Emmanuel Sosa, 38, a laborer of Ranchito, lost his life when he intervened in a robbery at a club in Ranchito at about 12:20 yesterday morning. He died almost instantly when the bandit turned his weapon, a sawed-off shotgun, away from the proprietor of the establishment, and fired at him.

After the foul crime, the murderer ran across the highway and escaped into the bushes.

Our sources say that Sosa was along with the bar owner as she was closing up the bar at the end of the work night, when the gunman came up and pointed his weapon at the owner and demanded money.   At this point, Sosa stepped forward to try to stop the robbery.

During the weekly police press brief held today at the Raccoon Street Police Station, Inspector Wilfred Ferufino, Deputy Commander of Crimes Investigation, said that Sosa told the masked gunman that he, Sosa, would not allow him to rob the bar owner, and an argument ensued between them, and when the owner reopened the bar door, and went inside and locked it, the gunman blasted Sosa and ran away.

Police were called immediately and on their arrival on the scene, they saw Sosa dead on the ground in front of the bar, near his bicycle. He was lying face-up, and he had a serious gunshot wound.

Police have not yet made any arrests in connection with this case, but they are looking for a man of interest, whom they believe can help their investigation.

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