Headline — 09 July 2013 — by Albert J. Ciego
Jamal Neal, 21, executed on Banak

Jamal Neal, 21, was riding his bicycle on Banak Street, from Lake View Street towards Central American Boulevard, to the home of the Meighan family, where he lives, at about 7:15 tonight when two men travelling behind him on a motorcycle drove up behind him and one of them shot him in the back.

When Neal fell, the gunman shot at him about nine more times while he was on the ground, catching him five times. The gunman and his accomplice then drove away towards Central American Boulevard and escaped. Neal, shot in the heart, back and legs, died almost immediately.

Police responded to the shooting, but the shooter was nowhere to be found, and the motive for the murder is yet unknown.

Neal’s body was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital morgue, where it awaits a post-mortem.

Police said that when they responded to the report of the shooting, they found Neal lying motionless on the street, face up, in a pool of blood with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, back and legs.

A resident of the area told us that the Meighan’s house has been attacked many times before by gunmen, and they believe that the shooter was going to attack the Meighan’s house again when they saw Neal, and shot him instead, because he was their (Meighan’s) friend.

Ernest “Jawmaine” Meighan confirmed that Neal lives with his nephews. Jawmaine said that after the shooting he received a call telling him that his nephew had been killed. He quickly rushed to Banak Street to see what was happening. That was when he discovered that it was his nephews’ friend, Jamal Neal, who had been killed.

he members of the Meighan family are tonight mourning Neal’s death. He was like a family member to them.

Police continue to investigate.

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