Letters — 13 November 2012 — by John Oliver

Dear Editor,

As the evenings come earlier now, and the light fades so quickly, we all need to take extra care to avoid these tragic accidents that always seem to plague our highways at this time of the year.

I drove to the city from Ladyville one night last week at around 5.30, and was thoroughly frightened by the behaviour of many drivers and riders using the road.

By this time of the evening, it’s difficult to make out a vehicle without sidelights on, more so when confronted by another vehicle blinding you with its high beams.

How does a man, wearing dark working clothes, on an unlighted road, on a bike with no glimmer of a light, think he’s going to be seen? If he doesn’t fit his bike and clothes with reflecting tape, he is just asking to become another statistic.

The small reflectors often fitted to the pedals have an up and down motion that screams “BIKE” at a following driver.

Isn’t the small expense worth it to save a rider’s life?

John Oliver

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