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Jonathan Benjamin helped the Eagles to bite Wicked 11 very hard

BELIZE CITY, Wed. June 15, 2016–Hello, my so loved readers of Cricket Corner! Thank you all.

Well, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, and the kind sponsorship of Smart and the so refreshing drinks of Belikin, the Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2016 playoffs started.

Before I get into details, on behalf of myself, my family, and the official body of our cricket association, our heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of Mr. Norris “Shabat” Harris of Double Head Cabbage, who left this place upon earth to go or be with others who had gone along before him. This is a great blow to Excellence Cricket Team, as he was, without a doubt, an inspirational man to the team. Again I say, may his soul find peace with our Maker/Creator.

With those said, we will get down to this weekend of cricket. At Flowers Bank, Western Eagles travelled there to go up against Wicked 11. Western Eagles is in third place in its zone (Zone 1), and Wicked 11 at second in its zone (Zone 2). Western Eagles won the toss and took to bat first. Under the captainship of Dirk Sutherland, this is how wickets fell for runs batted as he sent in his men: 1 for 14; 2 for 16; 3 for 36; 4 for 93; 5 for 103; 6 for 132; 7 for 140; 8 for 144; 9 for 155; and 10 for 179.  That’s a big score in any playoff game. Jonathan Benjamin, with his left-handed stance at bat, displayed professional batting by top scoring with 33 runs. Jermaine Brian Pook, who is not playing on a regular basis, batted 26. He not only came close to top scoring, but he played very defensively in slowing down the bowling of the Wicked boys. He, Rasheed Broaster and Jonathan Benjamin did a very good job in changing the game. The entire team contributed tremendously in the inning. Edison ”Sheep” Robinson took 4 of the Eagles wickets.

Then, after a short lunch break, it was time for Wicked 11 to try and capitalize. At the start of the second half, the two first batsmen were playing very cautiously. They did not want to rush things, knowing that 179 is not a score to play idle with. So they just played the ball, and made singles. Captain Dirk Sutherland took notice of what the batsmen were doing, and made some changes by putting left-handed bowler Jonathan Benjamin on the ball. In no time, he took a wicket; but not before the score got to 26. After that first out, wickets continued falling in this order:  2 for 55; 3 for 65; 4 for 69; 5 for 69; 6 for 70; 7 for 104; 8 for 113; 9 for 128. The 10th batsman went in. These two started to perform so well that captain Sutherland discussed with his team which bowler must be used to take out the last man. With Benjamin’s suggestion, the ball was handed to Norman Pook, who bowled in the opening of the inning and did not do well. I believed the team fully agreed, and in no time, Mr. Pook’s power ball struck wicket. It was over. Although scoring 164 and seeing victory, it was not to be. Western Eagles took a big bite in winning that game. Mr. Benjamin came out as the Man of the Day by top scoring and taking the most wickets, 4 total. For Wicked 11, Cordell Robinson top scored with 25, followed by Keon Robinson with 24 not-out.

The second game between these two teams is scheduled for Saturday, June 18 in Rancho Dolores.

Now, in Lemonal, Easy Does It team was waiting for Sunrise team to do battle. Sunrise reached there, and when the toss was spun, Sunrise took to bat first. Both teams, I believed, were in high hopes of getting the win. Well, from the onset, things were not going well for the visitors, as wickets fell in this order: 1 for 13; 2 for 17; 3 for 17; 4 for 28; 5 for 28; 6 for 31; 7 for 47; 8 for 56; 9 for 69; and all for 74. This was due to the powerful bowling of Herbert Banner, who took 6 of Sunrise wickets. For that inning, Krunal Joshi top scored with 14 runs.

Then, after lunch break, it was time for action. Sunrise took to the field of play, and the Easy boys’ two first batsmen went in. Wickets started to fall in this order with runs scored: 1 for 4; 2 for 14; 3 for 46; 4 for 54; 5 for 61; 6 for 61; and 7 for 77. Although veteran Edison Parks, who took the most wickets (4 total), tried his best, it was not enough to stop Easy Does It from passing their score. For Easy Does It, Deon Anthony scored 20 runs.

On Saturday, June 18, Easy Does It goes to Lords Bank, where these two teams will meet again.

Again, to all players I say, best of luck to you! Play your best. Remember my saying – Respect yourself, your opponents, and officials! Thank you, and have a great weekend!

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