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Joyjah Estrada bound for London!

LONDON, England, Mon. Apr. 24, 2017–Her distinctive, freckled face cushioned by her long, curly hair has caught the attention of the London-based modelling agency, Squad Management.

As a result, 22-year-old Joyjah Estrada, who lives in Belize City, has relocated to London for the next three months.

When our newspaper asked Joyjah how she was able to secure such a promising opportunity, she told us that it was initially because she was selected as one of the faces of the United Kingdom’s LOVE magazine earlier this year.

According to Joyjah, while at that magazine launch, she was approached by a woman who had previously managed Winnie Harlow, a Canadian fashion model.

Although Harlow suffers from a skin condition known as vitiligo, she was one of fourteen finalists in the 2014 run to America’s Next Top Model.

Though Joyjah conceded that it was Harlow’s manager who connected the dots for her, she pointed out that what she brought to the table was also important.

“They picked up me because they saw a lot of potential and my look is very different, and right now the industry is becoming very diverse. So I guess that’s what they are going for. I’m not very tall — I am just 5 feet 7 inches, and the typical model size begins at 5 feet 8 inches.”

Every day for the next three months Joyjah will spend her time in front of professional cameras as the Squad Management builds her brand.

If she is as successful as is projected, she may be able to attract contracts with high-paying international corporations.

The Squad Management has previously worked with British supermodel and actress Naomi Campbell as well as Victoria Secret model, Jordan Dunn.

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