Letters — 16 June 2018
Justin is angry

Dear Editor Amandala,

I am angry! Our national pride as Belizeans is slowly eroding. Belize, just as any nation, has problems. The issue at hand is collective, yet the people affected do not know how to deal with them. It is our duty to fix that and educate others and instill in them national pride.

Schools overlook history classes that provide vital information about our country and how we got here. Unfortunately most folks tend to focus on themselves and not the whole. We see these problems as affecting “them” and not “me/us”

There is very little sense of collective identity of people, as Belizeans. This is a result of our children not being properly educated and guided. There was a time when every child would begin the school day by standing and reciting the National Prayer, or the Pledge to Belize. Children were taught the significance of September 21st (besides fireworks).

These practices are long gone and so is our sense of common destiny. With so many diverse nationalities, races, and ethnic groups that comprise Belize, the one common bond we all have with one another is that we are all Belizeans. We must educate our generation, and those to come if we want a future for our nation. A nation blessed with beauty and diversity. A nation, which from now on, must plant firm into our national heritage and be proud to call ourselves: Belizeans.

Justin Vera
[email protected]

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