Sports — 28 March 2014

A dedicated long distance Masters runner, 53-year-old Anthony “Ladies” Flores visited the sports desk this morning to serve notice that he is ready for this year’s annual Holy Saturday Half-Marathon race. “In my Masters category, I expect to have strong competition this year from Louis Haulze and Michael ‘Big Wire’ Lewis,” asserted Ladies. “Big Wire” is better known for his cycling achievements, having won all the major cycle races, including the Cross Country; but Ladies says he saw Big Mike training for the foot race, and expects good competition from him on Holy Saturday.

The annual Half-Marathon (approximately 13 miles) will take off shortly after the start of the Cross Country Classic on Holy Saturday morning, and will journey from Leslie’s Imports to Mile 8 on the George Price (Western) Highway and back to Leslie’s Imports.

Aside from his daily running ritual, Flores can often be seen doing gardening work as he uses his 4-H horticulture training to care for the plants at the Belcan roundabout and other public places in the city. Flores said he is not paid for his work on the plants; but while his public gardening effort is all voluntary, he is nevertheless seeking sponsorship for his running endeavors, as his aging body needs maintenance with vitamins and good nutrition to maintain his running life style.

“I won’t stop running,” maintains Ladies. “I enjoy running; and diabetes is common in my family, so I also run to prevent getting diabetes.”

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