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Lawyers really have to check dehnself

There are people in Belize who say they skim over media reports on violent crimes; they say that they only want to read/hear about the good things happening in Belize. Without doubt there are good things happening in Belize, things worthy of reporting. But by far the most important story is the one about the absolutely vicious nation we have become.

It’s not too difficult to figure out why some people don’t want to read painful stories. Some people really are overwhelmed by sadness. It is understandable why they hide their heads in the sand.

The media cannot fret too much about people who avoid certain types of news. If the media doesn’t report on these crimes the people of the country will not know the truth about what is going on.

Some people are spurred to action when they read about the mad things that are happening. They want to know the cause of these horrific stories and what they can do to remedy the situation. For sure they would not have been spurred to action if they hadn’t been informed.

I observed the solemn prayers expressed last week over the tragic rampage at a Florida school that left 17 people dead, mostly young students. We must give respect to the American media because this is deadly serious business, too deadly serious to ignore. This, of course, is not the first mass murder of school children in that country. The media does its job when it chronicles what happened. The evidence that something is very wrong in their system is piling up. Soon, people will be spurred to action. Soon, people will say enough is enough.

If you cherish your life, you respect and appreciate the lives of others. Human beings recover from many things done to them, but they never recover from being killed. When someone’s life is taken away, especially violently, we cannot ignore their passing. We have to know what happened, and we have to know who is so vile as to take a life, and bring them to justice.

Belize’s justice system is dependent on witness testimony. Rowland Parks reported last week on a case in which the chief witness in a murder trial did not appear to testify. Another key witness in the same case was reportedly dead, but neither the witness’s family or the police authorities could confirm his death. Micah Goodin reported last week on a murder trial where the witnesses expressed fear about testifying.

We should not stop reporting on these stories. The evidence is piling up. It is clear that something has to be done. The lawyers insist that they have no blame in this compounding of outrageous felonies. I say they do.

Something really has to be done to open the eyes of our criminal lawyers so they can see that their game is treacherous. As it stands, if the lawyers are conscious of what is going on in this country, then they are taking us for fools. They blame faulty police work for our country’s failure to prosecute murder cases. If a lawyer was honest/not ignorant, and they saw witnesses cowering from appearing in court, they would withdraw. Mahatma Ghandi would have done that.

If there was honour and love in this criminal lawyers’ fraternity, they would go on strike until our justice system is repaired. They will say that they have to feed. Perry Mason never fed off a system where witnesses failed to show. The evidence is overwhelming that they are winning cases because witnesses do not go to court.

Bermuda makes footsteps to follow

Respect to Bermuda for deciding that her legalization of gay marriage last year was an error, and so they have decided to revoke, somewhat, the “right”.

Everyone knows that females aren’t in this story. Females in Belize have been living together forever. The way it is in Belize, we assume that two women living together are just good buddies, because that is natural. A female who doesn’t have the company of a man, must have the company of a woman because a female who lives alone runs the risk of getting attention from pathological males.

In the story from out of Bermuda, they have decided to replace the gay marriage with a “domestic partnership”. The couple still has the rights of marriage, but they don’t get the title.

The gays make a strong argument when they say they pay taxes and social security like everybody else, but they are denied some of the benefits. Belize could amend the tax/social security system so that gay men don’t pay for what they don’t get. It would be good if men who have no desire for females considered their less than 100% benefits as a contribution to a good cause. But it seems that God doesn’t make selfless people anymore.

Oh no, I’m wrong about that. There are many men and women who choose to lead lives without a spouse. We don’t hear of them complaining about their contributions.

We could follow in the footsteps of Bermuda. Many church folk would disagree. We cannot downplay the core value of the churches to the fiber of the society. They are good people, worthy of respect. Sometimes, however, they really do us wrong, and themselves too.

The Evangelical crowd lost big points when they showed us how little love they have for our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Someone needs to read to them that story in the first book of the Bible which tells us that we are our brother’s keeper.

It is not to be ignored that many people who accept gay as normal, hate religion and don’t believe in God as creator. But some of these church people don’t deserve nada because not all people who shout Lord, Lord, are sincere. Ravi Zacharias, the highly respected televangelist, remarked that there are a heck of a lot of people who study theology and have churches, yet don’t believe in the God of the Bible.

However, there are a lot of Christians, Muslims, and Bahai’s who believe in God and they don’t want people to ever think that two men acting like they are man and woman deserve to be cheered on.

Most (many) of us have come to realize, accept that gay men have a right. But we believe that there is no such thing as a right without limits. We have rights to most everything in our private spaces. There are restrictions when we go out in the public. That’s because there would be a great clash of rights if limits weren’t placed in public spaces.

We know of noise pollution. Some of us who are hard of hearing like to play our music very loud. If our neighbor isn’t hard of hearing too, they won’t tolerate us.

We recognize that nothing and no one is all bad. There is this little lull in the gay offensive and it gives us the opportunity to have a good debate and come up with some sincere policies.

I have had discussions with people who absolutely don’t believe that gay males are born that way. They insist that something in the person’s life, in their childhood, is the cause. They believe gayness can be cured, and gay men can be cured.

A couple of the big catalysts they say are strained relationships between parents, and child molestation. If strained relationships cause gayness then it will always be with us because the relationship in the Western world that doesn’t experience strain is getting rarer every day.
Tragically, there are some older males who chaans little boys. They say that a little boy who is chaansd, something is triggered in him to do on to other boys what was done to him. The right penalties and the right protection could reduce the incidence of this crime.

Many of us believe that some boys are born that way. If they are not born that way completely, then there must be some proclivity there that causes the male child to experience no stimulation when he sees female flesh. It is a rare thing when exposed female flesh doesn’t do to males what it does to the lead singer of the Fine Young Cannibals: She drives me crazy.

Made, or born, they are here and we have to respect people’s private lives. Wapping down Section 53, specifically closet business, is fair.

If we are to come up with a satsifactory policy, we must have honesty. It is so in Belize that females liking females is a back page story. The trouble with males is what they do with their affection. Teaching children that the anus is a sexual organ is as dishonest as teaching children that marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs.

Gays know, believe, that if they can make children accept the rear end as a sexual organ, through teaching it in our schools, that gay whatever they do will become normal. But it’s a lie. A sexual organ is involved with sexual reproduction. The human male only has one such part and the human female has only one such part.

Some time ago we were informed about a gay crowd coming to San Pedro Ambergris Caye. Now why do we need to hear about that? If there are resorts that cater to gayness, then just whisk the people from their planes or ships, to the hideaway.

We must maintain sensible laws about public behavior. Maybe gay people are allowed to make out in the corridors, and on the decks of cruise ships. We have to insist that they hold it down when they are in public places in our country.

If our gay brothers insist on having some kind of ceremony to celebrate a partnership, then they need to go to some private island, where the rest of us don’t have to observe the spectacle.

Life is real. Not everyone will love you, no matter who you are. Our rights in our private spaces are near absolute. We really can’t have everything that we want.

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