Letters — 12 March 2016
The Nicaragua and Costa Rica case

Dear Editor:

I recently read an article on the above caption and felt that given the current climate in Belize in respect to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and its ruling – the Nicaragua and Costa Rica case provides a suitable background to Belize’s situation. The ongoing national discussions for or against going to the ICJ for a resolution on the Guatemala/Belize situation can be analyzed by your readership – should after your critical review of the published article you find that the article best describes the future of Belize. If you have seen the document before on the subject – I suggest you utilize the site for future information.

The recent ruling by the ICJ will not end the long-standing spat between Nicaragua and Costa Rica over the countries’ shared frontier.  This was outlined by Business Monitor International (BMI) in regards to challenging economic dynamics and ongoing dispute over immigration policy; relations between the two countries are likely to remain poor in the years ahead (BMI 2016).

It must be recognized the United Nations (UN) do not have teeth –  meaning the UN has absolutely no means to enforce any of its decisions, rulings or resolutions passed down by any of its bodies. Rather, the UN relies on member countries for enforcement, as contained in “Political Risk Analysis – ICJ Ruling will not cool tensions with Nicaragua (Feb 2016). The entire article can be accessed at http://www.latinamericamonitor.com.

Thanks for reading my submission and taking time out to review the suggested document.


Major (Retired) JMA Flowers

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