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A letter to Jimmy Morales

Dear Editor Amandala

I have written a letter to the President of Guatemala but I doubt it will ever reach him, so I ask to use the most widely read newspaper in Belize to convey this message to him. Thank you.

Dear President Guatemala, Mr. Jimmy Morales

I ask that you give me two minutes to take time to read this letter. I have sent a copy to the Amandala newspaper and to Prensa Libre, your government newspaper.

I am a Belizean citizen and can trace my roots back to the first settlers here. I have been speaking to my countrymen and foreigners alike about your claim and the repercussions of taking your claim to the ICJ to resolve your dispute. We would like to know a few things that your people seem to be deliberately avoiding. I for one would like to know what your government’s position is before I vote “yes” in our coming referendum as I would prefer to live in a state of war of sorts with your country if your answer is unsatisfactory.

It would be foolish to believe that we can ever win this claim of yours. I for one do not trust the ICJ with my country’s future at stake. We all know that any court in this world, whether here in Central America or over in the USA, can be bought. There might be a few distinguished men with honour and integrity in the ICJ but I am not holding my breath on meeting them. So if we do go to the ICJ it would be nice to know what you will do with us the citizens of Belize. A distinguished friend of mine once told me he had the pleasure of meeting the old editor of the Prensa Libre newspaper and he had put this same question to him and he answered, quote “We’re going to throw all those black faces into the sea and be rid of our problem” end quote.

This is a very scary scenario to me and to quite a few others here in Belize. So I ask can you please tell us the inhabitants of Belize what are your plans after you take over. I understand that killing us would be an extreme situation, but we do bear in mind that over two hundred thousand indigenous Mayas are gone, which would be approximately half of our population today. Also your Israeli friends are massacring people in an occupied territory and the international community is blind to it.

So could you please let us know that after you win this court case (as I believe we have already been sold out by the powers-that-be), will we be able to live as free men in Belize? Will we be able to continue owning our own property or will it be taken away? Will our houses be confiscated leaving us stateless or worse, will we become aliens on the land we were born on?

Will we be given the option to be Belizean Guatemalan citizens or forced to relocate? As I write this there are some resident Guatemalan citizens just waiting for the takeover so that they can chase us off our farms. Many American, European and Canadian friends of mine are worried if you will honour their title to their lands.

Businessmen alike are wondering if their businesses will be shut down in favour of Guatemalan businessmen. Will you enact legislation to protect us? The environment is very important to me and I wonder will you continue to help us protect our reef and forests or will they be exploited to the point of becoming barren and deserted. I have so many questions but believe these are the most pressing.

I sincerely look forward to an answer from you and will be more than happy to forward your reply to the Amandala newspaper.

Andy Jones
[email protected]

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