Letters — 27 September 2013 — by Wellington C. Ramos

Dear Editor,

The scandal at the Dangriga Town market opens up the debate for us to discuss the subventions of the City, Town and Village Councils and the autonomy of these Local Governments in Belize.

Firstly, the subventions that are allocated for these municipal bodies are lacking and inadequate because their budget expenditures are a lot more than the funds allocated by our Central Government for years now.

Secondly, the Central Government in Belmopan is making too many important decisions that are not in the best interest of the cities, towns and villages through the Ministry of Local Government and other governmental agencies.

I now call on the representatives of the City, Town and Village Councils to demand that the Ministry of Local Government submit proposals in the Belize House of Representatives to grant more autonomy to them to develop their communities.

I believe that it was the responsibility of our Representative of Dangriga Town, Honorable Ivan Ramos, to go to the Minister of Local Government to demand an explanation about the funding for the market, the construction company and the dates for the commencement of the construction and completion of the market project. If not, come to the House of Representatives and table his problems with the project.

I have not heard anything from my Representative, only from the Mayor, who cannot represent us at the Central level of our government. A lot was done at the Central level without input and consultation with the locals in Dangriga, and this is the result of that action.

Yours truly,
Wellington C. Ramos

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