Crime — 28 March 2014 — by Rowland A. Parks
Lucius Myers, 33, found guilty of keeping unlicensed ammunition

He was sentenced to 5 years

Lucius Myers, 33, who the Gang Suppression Unit believe is an affiliate of the Ghost Town Crips Gang, was found guilty of “kept ammunition without a gun license” and sentenced to five years in prison today, at the conclusion of his trial before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith.

In April 2012, two men were arrested after the GSU searched a house at #5 Mayflower Street and found a number of bullets of different caliber.

Police charged Lucius Myers and Kareem Gentle, 33, for the ammunition that was discovered in a hole in the ground in the yard on Mayflower Street. The ammunition was stored in a plastic bag that was attached to a piece of string; when one of the GSU officers who were conducting the search pulled the string, a plastic bag came out of the ground, and when the bag was opened, six rounds of ammunition were discovered inside.

Inside the plastic bag, police discovered a .9mm magazine, along with two .38 rounds. They also found another plastic bag that was holding four .25 rounds of ammunition.

But at the trial, the prosecution was unable to prove that Gentle was a resident at #5 Mayflower Street, and so the Chief Magistrate dismissed the charge against him.

At the time the ammunition were discovered, police believed that both men were occupants at the address.

According to court records, however, Gentle had listed his address as #20 Regent Street West. Two GSU officers testified at the trial, telling the court that on April 20, 2012, they found the ammunition stored in a black plastic bag that was buried under the ground.

When police found the ammunition, Myers was sitting down on the street corner and upon the arrival of the GSU, they asked him where he resided. Myers reportedly told the officers that he resided at #5 Mayflower Street.

After telling police that he resided at #5 Mayflower Street, Myers then pointed out Gentle and told the officers that he, too, lived at the same address.

At the time when the GSU made the arrest, they said a school bag was found with clothing belonging to Gentle, and some pay slips had also linked him to the address.

But at the trial, no such evidence was presented linking Gentle to the address, where the ammunition was found.

Gentle was also able to call his ex-girlfriend, Donicia Coye, who testified that at the time police found the ammunition, he was living with her at #20 Regent Street West.

In her decision to acquit Gentle of the charge, the Chief Magistrate said that she believed that he did not live at the address because prior court records reveal that he had given his address as #20 Regent Street West.

She also noted that Myers, from as far back as 2012, had listed #5 Mayflower Street as his address.

Lucius Myers has had a number of brushes with the law and was involved in several shooting incidents. In May 1999, he and another prisoner escaped from the Belize Central Prison, but were recaptured in Belize City, and two more years were added to his sentence for the escape.

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