Letters — 04 April 2014 — by Major Lloyd Jones (Ret’d)

Dear Editor,

On March 26, 2014, the CEO of the Ministry of National Security, retired Lieutenant Colonel George Lovell, in response to questions posed by the media, did two things. Firstly he made a buffoon of himself and secondly, he reinforced public perception that there is a cover-up in relation to the Penner passport scandal.

A leaked confidential memo, penned by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), indicated that ASP Valdez (the officer in charge of the Penner investigation) was stymied in the discharge of his duties “due to instructions”.

When questioned about this revelation, unbelievably, George Lovell had this to say: “There was a letter that was sent back to the DPP, where ASP Valdez clarified what precisely happened. I don’t know who made it available to the press with the first correspondence, and I would like to ask whosoever did that to take that second correspondence that ASP Valdez had sent to the DPP, and for them to have the press informed and enlightened on it. I will not be that person to say that to you, but I know that it was clarified.”

With that answer George Lovell disrespected the Belizean people. Big time! The proper thing for George Lovell (a public servant) to have done, was to explain to the Belizean people how ASP Valdez could have come to such a seismic misunderstanding. Instead he tried to be cute. He can afford to. He has political “backative.”

The Belizean people are not fools. We know that someone is lying and we suspect that it “ain’t” ASP Valdez. We know that ASP Valdez was under severe pressure to look the other way. He was manly in his response. He documented it!

George, on the other hand, was less than manly. He buckled! And I suspect that he lied to the Belizean people in the service of his political masters.

CEOs enjoy privileged positions in this here little Belize. The power and the perks are intoxicating and so men and women compromise their integrity and honor to remain in such privileged positions, even when it means irreparable harm to our beloved Belize.

Elvin Penner, by his actions, betrayed the Belizean people. He undermined our sovereignty. All we are saying is that he should enjoy no special privilege. ASP Valdez was clearly on to something and “someone” halted him.

Now cometh George with his forked tongue.

The Belizean people are growing weary. Give us Penner or else!

Major Lloyd Jones (Ret’d)

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