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Mark Pollard was killed because of a family land dispute, says voice message

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Jan. 18, 2018– Belize City resident Mark Pollard, 49, has been reported missing since last July. However, recent revelations suggest that he was killed as a result of an ongoing family dispute over a property.

Amandala is in possession of a voice message in which a relative of Pollard who lives abroad was purportedly telling another family member of his to hand over the keys to her father’s house.

She said, “I’m coming with my attorney, to get all paperwork taken care of because I found out from Lands Department that my father was not paying for that property for over eight years – none of those properties was paid for. So whatever your intention is, I want you to get a clear mind, this is no joke.”

The voice recording continued, “So get it together because I’ll be in Belize soon because I need a place to stay because I have no place to stay. That’s my father’s place and I’m going to take my father’s house, and take care of this property that you cannot take care of. If we have to go to court … we are going to court, because I’m not gonna come to Belize and have no kind of argument with you completely concerning no property, that you don’t know these property buy. So I’m warning you right now, hand over that key…”

 “Call me back and let me knows what your intention [is], okay, because nobody cannot claim nothing that nobody paying property [taxes] on, okay? For eight years none of them property was paid. So let me know what your intention [is] before I get to Belize. I’m not coming down there to argue with you; I just want you to hand over that key, because I have no place to put my stuff and you know I work with the police, so you’re not going to win,” the family member further stated in that voice recording.

Finally, the message ended with the caller confirming, “That’s why Mark got killed, because of those properties. That’s all I’m saying to you. Okay.”

During today’s police press briefing, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Alejandro Cowo confirmed that he was in possession of the call record.

He said, “Yes, we are aware of that recording, as it was rightly mentioned. The police has already dealt with that recording and so far I know, that the police has been assisting that family every time they request police is there with them.”

 According to Cowo, the woman heard in the voice recording had since been questioned with regards to Pollard’s disappearance.

However, before officers could question her about the voice note or about other text messages, she had left the country.

He revealed that he had gotten the voice record and text messages last Friday, but last Thursday the woman abruptly departed.

While Pollard’s family is of the view that the voice message points to the woman’s involvement in his disappearance, police have not yet made that determination.

“At this time I cannot say if she has any connection or not. Several family members were interviewed and they have not said they were being threatened,” he said.

Cowo also commented on the portion of the voice recording in which the woman in question suggested that she was above the law. According to Cowo, no one is above the law, even though certain persons might be generous to the department.

He revealed that for the past 3-4 years, the said woman had been travelling from the United States to assist several Belizean families who are in need. Each time she would distribute those items with high-ranking officers of the Belize Police Department, he said.

However, Cowo assured the press that despite her assistance, she has not and will not be treated as if she were above the law. Cowo revealed that the department has been assisting the Pollard family with efforts to locate their missing loved one.

He revealed that on Tuesday, officers visited a well at Mile 17 on the George Price Highway, since information had surfaced that Pollard’s body had been dumped there.

According to Cowo, they found nothing there.

He also made reference to another lead generated earlier this month which seemed to indicate that Pollard’s remains had been put inside a tomb. Police cracked open the tomb, but again, there were no findings.

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