Features — 30 November 2016
MCC neglect

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Nov. 28, 2016–Loyal football fans still visit the MCC Grounds for Inter-Office football games during the week, CYDP Peace Cup games on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and Premier League of Belize (PLB) games on Sunday afternoons. The National Sports Council is supposed to have some employees responsible for the upkeep of the field and environs, but sometimes you have to wonder. Do the Commissioners in charge of football games for the PLB ever make complaints in their reports about the state of the field, the team benches and the entrance gates?

As it is, the playing field is bad enough. But is there any excuse for the mud and water that collects and settles around the edges whenever it rains? All it takes is an employee with a shovel about an hour to clear the drain around the edge of the cement fence that encloses the field, so that the water can flow into the drain outside at Calle Al Mar.

It seems like nobody cares. Rather than walk through the entrance gate on the western sideline, and splash through the thick, black mud and water, players, fans and officials alike prefer to hop the three-foot cement fence where a portion of the chain link has long broken down. On the team benches, players often have to sit on top of the cement bench, rather than have their feet set in a puddle of water.

In the long-gone days of McMahon, Terence Jones and “Jacko”, the official grounds keeper took great pride in caring for the MCC field and accommodations for players and fans alike.
Who is the groundskeeper at the MCC? Or is there still such a position?

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