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Mike’s 8-Ball Tournament in Belmopan – Special Effects champs!!!

BELMOPAN, Thurs. Jan. 7, 2016–The Mike’s 8-Ball Tournament in Belmopan concluded with a bang, as Special Effects showed they are special and effective, as they defeated Las Flores team; but it was not as easy as 1,2,3, with the championship game going into a tie-breaker in the best-of-two matches. Here’s more.

Match #1: Special Effects won Las Flores, 2-1. For Special Effects, it was Wayne Wiltshire over Ernest Borland, 4-1; then Erwin Woodye, Jr. won Oscar Avelar, 4-2. Las Flores got their only win in the first match, as Salvador Orellana edged David Fernandez, 4-3.


Match #2: Las Flores came back with blood in their eyes, as they dropped Special Effects, 2-1, to push the game into a tie-breaker. For Las Flores, Oscar Avelar won David Fernandez, 4-1; and Salvador Orellana won Wayne Wilthire, 4-3, after Wayne was already up, 3-0. Now, it was down to the last game, and if Las Flores would win, they would have been the champ; but, Julio Hernandez failed to capitalize, and Erwin Woodye, Jr. of Special Effects made him pay, as he got lucky in the last game and won Julio, 4-3.

In the tie-breaker, Special Effects showed they are the best, as Wayne Wiltshire won Oscar Avelar, 4-2; and David Fernandez said, “Stay calm, I got this,” as he was not going to lose another match, as he hurt Salvador Orellana, 4-2. So, Special Effects was declared the champs, winning individual trophies, a team trophy, $1,400, 2 cases Belikin beer, and bragging rights. Las Flores settled for 2nd place, winning a team trophy, $700, and 1 case Belikin beer. Third place was won by BRC Shooters, winning $250 and 1 case of Belikin beer; and 4th place by Shattaz, winning $100.00 and 1 case of Belikin beer.


The MVP award was won by Wayne “Mangis” Wiltshire of Special Effects. He received a unique and special trophy donated by Pelayo’s and Associate, owned by Mr. Arturo “Bruce” Pelayo, to whom we say thanks. Much and big thanks to Mike’s Cue Club for donating $2,000.00 cash, Bowen and Bowen for 5 cases of Belikin beer, Hon. John Saldivar for individual trophies, the umpires – Mr. Dean Flowers, Mr. Danilo Rivera, Mr. Jose Alvarenga, Mr. Moises Aguirre and Mr. Victor Orellana. Thanks also to Amandala for always publishing our results, and to Love FM sports update.


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