Sports — 27 June 2014 — by Peter Young
“Mr. Bigs”

Ephraim “Mr. Bigs” Banner, man of principles

I’ve been noticing for some time now, most small villages have one or more individuals who are great help for the villagers who live there or people who visit. In the village of Lemonal in the Belize River Valley is one such person, Ephraim Banner, affectionately known as “Dabo” or “Mr. Bigs.” He is a no nonsense guy; very disciplined, but also very humble. A farmer by profession, he also has vast knowledge in house building. He is always willing to give a helping hand to anyone who so asks of him. Any kind of function happening in Lemonal, Mr. Bigs could always be seen killing an animal or getting fire wood or some other task. He does these things without looking back for any favors. It’s done with a clean and Godly thought. Any known or first time visitor goes to Lemonal, they would first ask for him. Finding him, he will try his best to help them get what they’re looking for, be it cutting posts, making a canoe (dorey), or sometimes only to talk to. The entire village has respect for him because he holds himself in a high esteem. He is a role model for his children, who in turn display the same in and outside the community.

I remember years ago when I used to go visit the family, he wasn’t married yet, I could have seen that with that character he had at home he would have made a good family man. I have not heard him using any obscene or insulting words to any one in his surroundings. Yes, you might hear him speak loud at times, but that is always when watching a cricket game and things are not going much in his team’s favor.

He is a lover of cricket and also played the game very well some time ago. Just to highlight a few of his prizes for being a man of integrity and honesty, he has been blessed with lovely children – a son who was recently called to the Bar; two sons who are playing with the home team, Easy Does It; and other children, all who are shining in society. Names are not mentioned for personal reasons. They, the children and his wife, get the respect they are due from all they come in contact with. If Lemonal was built like a house, he would definitely be one of the corner posts.

Mr. Bigs – Dabo, me, my wife and children love and respect you too. Keep the fire burning, sir. You will continue to get blessings, for sure.

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