Features — 09 July 2016
Mr. Evan X Hyde’s writings

Mr. Evan X Hyde, the visionary giant in Belizean letters, has been writing for over forty years bringing light to the nation of Belize in the newspaper he started, Amandala, with analysis and insight into local and international happenings and linking them for his readers from his knowledge base on listenings, readings and lived experiences with words of fire and clarity. To have sustained this energy and focus for this duration of time is evidence of his strength of spirit and inner vision. He is a warrior.

Mr. Hyde’s writings run the range of poetry, plays and essays and share knowledge and open the door of freedom and seeing by illuminating what is and offering solutions to action and future development. His voice is a beacon to listen to as we navigate the future and understand the history from which the present is birthed.

Mr. Hyde’s writings are monuments of our shared history, the news of our present and maps to the future. The past, the present, and the future are one in God.

Mr. Evan X Hyde’s contribution to Belizean letters has no measure in the circumference of its light. His writings light the way to freedom. He is a national treasure. May God strengthen him always.


Sean Taegar

Tuesday 5 July 2016 10:23am

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