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Murder in San Ignacio

GeneralMurder in San Ignacio

SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Thurs. Nov. 5, 2015–Darwin Guerrero, 25, a laborer of San Ignacio, died after he was shot five times by a man he knew who fired the shots from an ATV on a road in San Ignacio. Guerero was rushed to the San Ignacio Hospital, but was declared dead on arrival.

The shooting occurred at about 8:45 yesterday morning on Bella Vista Street. Police found five expended shells and a pool of blood at the scene.

According to police, Guerero was doing construction work on Bella Vista Street when a gunman, who was not wearing a mask and was identified by many of the workers who were present, approached Guerero in an ATV and shot him five times.

Inspector Raymundo Reyes, Deputy Commander of San Ignacio Police, said that they are searching for the assailant, who is now known to them, in the Bullet Tree, Calla Creek and Paslow Falls areas, because those were the areas into which the killer had escaped in the ATV.

In an interview on 7News Belize, Guerero’s sister said that the man who killed her brother was his friend, and that they had known each other since childhood. The family cannot imagine what could have prompted Guerero’s friend to kill him.

Guerero was the father of two children.

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Who’s JR Smith?

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