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Belize City centenarian Leonora Patnett dies at 108

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Neri’s follow up letter to the Olympic Committee

LettersNeri’s follow up letter to the Olympic Committee

Dear Mr. Martinez,

Following up on correspondence dated July 4th, 2016 to Thomas Bach, President of the IOC and to you dated August 21st, 2016 which were also subsequently published in the weekly edition of the Amandala in Belize, Central America, please see attached signed copies of said correspondence. By affixing my signature to the correspondence, it should dissuade any belief that the correspondence was not genuine or probably written by another person.

Please consider this as an official correspondence to your organization with an expectation that some type of reply will be forthcoming. Your organization is the duly registered organization in the country tasked with representing our nation nationally, regionally and internationally with all things Olympics, and as such if you are representing us, then the people that you represent also want answers. As a citizen of Belize I can ask for nothing less.

I assure you that this is nothing personal against you or anyone within your organization, since I have just met you twice that I can remember. But, the people of this nation want answers if you are to continue to represent us abroad.

All the best and have a great day.

Neri O. Briceño

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