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New Site Erei and Ryan Simpson eliminate Kremandala

Today it was sunshine and blue skies all over the old capital with an aura of football madness gripping the city.The visiting New Site Erei, with cultural drums beating, entered the MCC with one mission ? win.

At the four-minute mark New Site?s Lennox ?Da Criminal? Castillo ?posterized? veteran defender Deron Jones, who was left fumbling on the turf wondering how in the world ?Da Criminal? had eluded him.Castillo served an assist intended for Harrison ?Cafu? Roaches, who couldn?t connect on the header.

On a counter attack, Deon McCaulay took a long shot from the midfield area that almost spelled trouble for Erei?s keeper Woodrow West.The ball took a bad bounce, surprising West, but he was somehow able to wrap the surprise to avoid disaster.

Ten minutes in, Erei?s Jerome ?Je-Je? Serrano miskicked a ball that Deon ?Pussy? Flowers collected and fired.The bomb was cleared by Glenn ?Tipoo? Flores straight to David ?Dav? McCaulay who, in turn, served it to Mark ?Kelo? Leslie on top of the six-yard box.?Kelo? unloaded with a right foot shot sailing high over the bar.

Sensing that Kremandala was at home and in no mood to take prisoners, Erei launched an attack of their own with ?Kafu? Roaches in the 13thminute.?Kafu? cooled it off his chest, blasting a wicked shot that hit the crossbar.

In the 16thminute, it was the McCaulay connection with father and both sons connecting on passes up the left side for a shot at goal.Deon got around a defender on the left side to dish it off to ?Dav.?Daddy ?Manu? McCaulay was thundering down the middle when he received the pass and blasted a shot at Woodrow West who was on time for the save.

Ten minutes later at the 26thminute, ?Da Criminal? eluded Deron Jones again to find ?Kafu? Roaches inside the Kremandala eighteen-yard box.?Kafu? went around one defender, giving it to Simpson.Simpson took it off the run sending a rocket past Giovanni Rodriguez for the 1-nil lead.

Erei had discovered the kink in the Kremandala armor and went at it full blast up the right side against Deron Jones.Jones was having severe problems trying to keep ?Da Criminal? and ?Kafu? on lock.

In the 43rdminute ?Criminal? faked out Deron Jones, passing it off to ?Kafu? Roaches who then continued with the play to Norman ?Tilliman? Nunez.Nunez broke the seams and went one on one with Giovanni Rodriguez, who won the race to clear the ball away.

The closing minutes of the second half had ?Pussy? Flowers setting the table for ?Dav? McCaulay. McCaulay jammed the shot too high, as Kremandala ended the half down 1-nil.

If the first half was a free run for Lennox Castillo he opened up in the second half doing the same thing.Two minutes in, Castillo went around four defenders until he was intercepted by Ian ?Yellow? Gaynair, who put the cuffs on him to avoid problems.Dennis ?Girl Problems? Serrano retaliated, going into the eighteen but unable to find his left foot as the defenders cleared.

Kremandala FC were being given enough opportunities to equalize in the second half but came up empty.At the 16thminute mark of the second half, ?Pussy? Flowers displayed some fancy footwork to confuse the Erei defenders, passing it across the six but nobody was close enough to challenge Woodrow West for the ball.Emory Nunez got in on the action in the 23rdwhen he took a hard shot that was too hot to handle for West. The ball deflected off his chest and the BPFL?s top gunner Deon McCaulay was slow in getting to the deflected ball.The pressure was coming down on young Woodrow West from all angles.Dennis Serrano served up a pass intended for Deon McCaulay from the left side, but West had cut the angles off and was able to deny Deon the ball.In another golden opportunity, Deon ?Pussy? Flowers sent a hot one at West from outside the eighteen that he was able to cool off.

Kremandala had Erei retreating into a defensive posture for a little while until the late stages when the Castillo brothers linked up on a give and go.?Criminal? went to Darwane ?Cayo? Castillo, who dished it off to ?Kafu.?Roaches was able to fake out both Peter ?Metro? Mariano and ?Fowl? Bermudez to let loose on a shot that hit the uprights and that was all she wrote ? vacation time for Kremandala FC.

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