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Home Letters Noise pollution in Placentia and Hopkins and the expatriate effect

Noise pollution in Placentia and Hopkins and the expatriate effect

April 11, 2018

Dear Editor,

It came as no surprise to me that some expatriate forces have gotten their way to ensure quietness on their island. Yes, I said island. You see, my people, you have to understand the mindset that is at play.

You must remember that you, as an individual or collective, are not regarded as valuable human beings.  Your culture and way of life are viewed as primitive, poor, and backward. You are lazy and laid back.  Your intellectual capacity is not even considered. Am very happy however, that a few of these human beings have become braver in showing their hand. Just when you thought that they were your good friends and caring neighbors.

We now realize that we are only good when we are dead or when we choose to be subservient.

Play on Placentia, the place where we once went to celebrate Cross Country and Easter season. Beat on Garinagu. Beat on Yugada. Let the drums roll. Celebrate and sing our ancestral songs. Beat on, people. Beat on, Belizeans. Beat on, all people of fairness. Celebrate diversity. My people, this is not the time to be quiet. We have done that for way too long. Fight on to keep our culture alive and prosperous. Welcome those who understand and appreciate. We are one!

The expatriate must arrive at the realization that they come here with a huge headstart. Our capitalist system is way too easy for them to manipulate and exploit us. I am urging you to change your mindset.  You are in our home. You are welcome!

Beat on. Fight on.

Belizeans, join with the Maya to ensure land rights. Those who have been fortunate to have qualified themselves in different fields, rise to the challenge and lend a hand. The life you save may be your own.

Our resources are fast diminishing and we seem to have lost control. We must own and develop our resources wisely. As the old saying goes, you give a man a fish he eats for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, he eats…  Agreed but imagine if he/she has no access to fishing grounds. Agriculture and fisheries are still our great advantages to prosper and flourish with respect and dignity. Build on these.  Strengthen and enforce all economic pillars. Yes, we can!

Beat on. Fight on.

This is our land. Brave ancestors have sacrificed to leave this legacy. We can ill afford to lose this wealth. University students, young people, lead the charge. Do not wait on comfortable professors and a weak corrupt system. Your time is now. Discuss the issues. Find solutions. Let your intelligence shine. Use every means to build a better Belize. There is still a chance for all people to enjoy together, this Jewel we call Belize, our home. Respect our cultures.

Beat on! Fight on!

Dr. Ludwig V. Palacio

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