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Orange Walk Five-A-Side Tournament Match Three report

ORANGE WALK TOWN–The Orange Walk Five-A-Side Tournament continued on Tuesday, November 25, with the third round of matches at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town. Five games were scheduled to be played, but the last match between Odette’s and Triple A had to be postponed due to a conflict in the work schedule of Triple A. It will be played at a date to be announced. Referees for these matches were Freddy Gonzalez and Armando Chirinos. The results are as follows:

In game 1 in the Open Division, Aquario continued their winning streak with an impressive 7-3 victory over the winless Minionz. Three goals from Juan Rodney, two from Shamir Town, one from Robis Cuello, and an own goal from Alex Quinonez of Minionz were the tally for Aquario. Minionz’ three impressive goals were scored by Henry. Aquario now has 9 pts from three wins, while Minionz is still seeking their first win. Man of the Match was Juan Rodney of Aquario.

In game 2, also in the Open Division, after forfeiting their first match, Sherwin Williams came out with their full team, and won an impressive game against Leonardo’s by a 2-1 score. Orlando Castillo and Marlon Miranda both scored for Sherwin Williams, while Cadir Galindo scored an impressive goal against Sherwin Williams. Man of the Match was Marlon Miranda.

Game 3 was in the Inter-Office Division, and saw Hospital get the 5-3 win over Paneficadora La Popular. Roberto Herrera started out Paneficadora La Popular on the right foot with a quick first half goal, before Wilbur Westby of Hospital evened the score. Due to a confusion between the bench and the officiating crews, Marcelo Urbina and Dennis Noralez picked up two quick yellow cards. Neri Sosa then punished the undermanned Hospital team with a goal. Dennis Noralez then picked up a red card and that worked-up the hospital team to score two goals, courtesy of Marcelo Urbina. Neri Sosa then tied the game, but the game hospital team scored two additional goals via Darwin Pech and Russell Marin, to secure the victory. Man of the Match was Marcelo Urbina.

In game 4, another Inter-Office Division encounter, Cuello’s earned 3 valuable points with their 2-1 victory over a well-disciplined Transport Department, who was a late entrant to the tournament. A goal apiece by Nino and Shamir from Cuello’s was all that was needed to hold off a late rally from Transport Department, whose consolation goal was scored by Marlon Miranda. Man of the Match was Mandy Medina of Cuello’s.

Standings for Open Division: Aquarios – 9 pts; Landy’s – 4 pts; Stadium Strikers – 3 pts; Rig Parts – 3 pts; Sherwin Williams – 3 pts; Leonardo’s – 1 pt; Crystal – 0 pts; Cutting Edge – 0 pts; Minionz – 0 pts.

Goleador Table: Juan Rodney, Shamir (Aquario) – 5 goals; Leo Corado (Stadium Strikers) – 4 goals; Mauricio Estrada (Rig Parts) – 4 goals; Gardo Gutierrez (Landy’s) – 3 goals; Henry (Minionz) – 3 goals; Enrique Castillo (Landy’s) – 2 goals; 12 Tied – 1 goal.

Standings for Inter-Office: Cuello’s – 9 pts; Hospital – 6 pts; Odette’s – 1 pt; Centaur – 1 pt; BSI – 0 pts; Triple A – 0 pts; Transport Department – 0 pts; Panificadora La Popular – 0 pts; Town Board – 0 pts. Goleador Table: Leo Corado (Cuello’s) – 5 goals; Darwin Pech (Hospital) – 5 goals; Alberto Godoy (Hospital) – 2 goals; Marcelo Urbina (Hospital) – 2 goals; 13 Tied – 1 goal.

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